• Who is eligible to participate this medical plan?

    All registered UM international students Effective February 2015. The participant shall be at least 18 years old upon enrolment. The maximum are at entry shall be 60 years (age next birthday)
  • Why do I need this plan?

    As hospital cost can be substancial and can wipe out your saving, the last thing you would want to worry about is money. Furthermore, this plan also provides 24 hours worldwide coverage for death and disability benefits due to natural or accidental causes.
  • When will my cover begin ?

    As soon as you registered with UM with the premium insurance paid subject to conditions and exclusion specified in the contract policy.
  • How to purchase the insurance and pay the premium?

    You may purchase the insurance and pay the premium directly at Etiqa Takaful Agency Office, Ground Floor, Block E, Perdanasiswa Complex, UM, Kuala Lumpur or purchase online in this website.
  • What does pre-existing illness means?

    Sickness, decease or illness which you have been suffering from prior to the effective date of your cover.
  • What is the duration of my coverage?

    The coverage will continue as long as you are registered UM student, paid the takaful contribution and subject to renewal of the plan made between UM and Etiqa Takaful Berhad
  • What happen if I loss my medical card?

    Please notify Etiqa Takaful Agency Office at UM and RM10.00 will be charged for replacement of new medical card. If loss by accident, proof required.
  • Can I use my medical card for cashless Inpatient treatment in any Government Hospital?

    Government Hospital do not accept medical card but they do accept Guarantee Letter issued by Etiqa. For inpatient treatment in any Government Hospital, you need to call Etiqa Health care Line requesting for Guarantee Letter.
  • Is this medical/takaful plan cover outpatient treatment.

    Yes, this medical plan do cover a normal outpatient treatment In any clinic subject to a maximum limit of RM200 per annum. You need to pay first the bill and later submit the receipt to us for reimbursement.
  • What is my entitlement room rate if I admit in private Hospital?

    Please ensure the room rate per day is RM100.00 or below. If the rate is higher than RM100.00, the patient shall bear 20% of the eligible benefits.
  • How to use the medical card in private hospital

    Present your medical card at the Hospital admission department. If no card, don’t worry, member only have to give name and passport no and the hospital will verify with Mediexpress.
  • What are not covered under GHS Plan?

    • Pre-existing illness
    • Specified illness during the first 120 days
    • Illnesses contracted within the first 30 days from the Effective Date
    • Exclusion specified in the policy
    • Treatment received overseas following more than 90 days stay overseas.

  • Who is Etiqa Takaful Berhad?

    Etiqa Takaful Berhad is the coverage provider for this plan. Established since 1993, is licensed under Takaful Act 1984 and regulated by Central Bank of Malaysia to transact all classes of takaful business. Etiqa Takaful is largest takaful operator and a member of Maybank Group, the largest financial Institution in Malaysia.
  • Who is Mediexpress Sdn Bhd?

    Mediiexpress is the is a Healthcare Service Provider appointed by Etiqa to manage the inpatient services for this medical plan
  • Who is NZ Network Management Services Sdn Bhd

    NZ Network Management Services Sdn Bhd is authorized Corporate Agency of Etiqa Takaful Berhad appointed to manage UM International students medical plan.
  • What is Outpatient and Inpatient treatment?

    Outpatient treatment refers to outpatient visit at GP clinic only. Inpatient treatment refers to admission in hospital (at least 1 night stay).
  • What is OP treatment at GP clinic that covered under this plan?

    Refers to outpatient treatment at a normal clinic other than Private Hospital or specialist clinic located in Private Hospital.
  • Can I use my medical card for cashless outpatient treatment?

    NO. Medical card is for inpatient/admission cases only. All outpatient treatment at GP clinic is on pay and claim basis (reimbursement) except for treatment at UM Student Clinic.
  • Who are panel clinics for outpatient treatment?

    Only UM Student Clinic. Cashless treatment only available at this clinic
  • Can I claim if I purchasedthe medicines from pharmacy?

    Any Medicines purchased at pharmacy is NOT claimable.
  • Is dental treatment covered under this insurance plan?

    Not covered. Except for Accidental caused only
  • - Is normal checkup for pregnancy covered under this insurance plan?

    This plan do not covered any medical cost related to pregnancy treatment.
  • What will happen if I reach the outpatient limit (RM200 for Plan 1 and RM500 for Plan 2)?

    Your claim is payable up the maximum limit of your plan.
  • How can I check my outpatient available limit?

    You may call Etiqa Takaful Agency Office at 03-79569688 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Can I upgrade the plan after a few days/months purchased?

    No Upgrade Plan allowed.
  • Can I get the refund if I didn’t use this insurance?

    This is Group policy, Hence, no refund shall be made to un-claim members.

Contact & Support


Please contact our 24 HOURS ETIQA HEALTHCARE CALL CENTRE at 1 800 88 9998 or email to etiqahealthcare@etiqa.com.myfor the following services :-

  • Hospital Admission/Discharged Matters
  • Requisition/Follow-up of  Guarantee Letterfor Hospital Admission
  • Membership Status and Emergency Cases
  • Latest list of Panel Hospital Nationwide

FOR OTHER SERVICES as per below :-

  • Claims Submission
  • Outpatient Matters
  • Follow-up claim status
  • Other Takaful/Insurance Products/Plan – Travel PA, PA, Motor Insurance
  • Private Car Road Tax Renewal
  • Others

Please contact/email or drop by our Agency Office :-
NZ Network Management Services SdnBhd
Ground Floor, Block E, Perdanasiswa Complex
University of Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur
(Near to ISC office)

Tel No :03-7956 9688 / 019-6025970
Email :etiqaagency.um@gmail.com

Any Complaint, please email to mzaidimsaad@gmail.com/fadhilah.s@etiqa.com.my


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